Jun 16, 2013
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Cheap Call India updates

phoneindia.com- 1p/minute

valuedial uk- 0.8p- 1p/minute usa-free

vectone - good deal 10pounds sim deal where you get 1000 minutes for uk calls ,1gb data ,some text messages and international calls to India from 1p/minute.or pay 15 minutes for unlimited uk again subject to their terms.

Companies to avoid -

Talk home mobile- Read their terms- for a 5 minute call, 15minutes talk time will be deducted.

Nov 17, 2012
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Cheaper International incoming Roaming

The vectone and it’s sister company  delight mobile offers roaming from 1p in certain countries.I feel that their offers are better than other players in this market.Please read other threads on vectone roaming issues.

It is not easy to use this roaming facility without setting your sim manually.The incoming calls start from 1p a minute in India,USA,Canada and few countries in Europe.The outgoing calls back to UK with smart roaming facility starts from 13pence/minute.

The customers need to follow the instructions to set up the roaming at concessional rates.Please follow the link for roaming set up on vectone and delight mobile

1. Vectone Roaming set up or click here

2. Delight Mobile Sim Roaming set up

For outgoing calls please follow the smart roaming steps as explained on the network website.

1)Vectone Smart Roaming

2) Delight Smart Roaming

Nov 9, 2012
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0.5p call to India


Delight Mobile is offering cheaper rates to India at 0.5p/minute.

This pay as you sim is available from Delight Website for free or from local retailers.

Nov 4, 2012
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Call India

The best telecom company to  call india is Bose Call which starts from just o.5p.

They don’t charge any connection fees if you are using 020/01 numbers to call india.

There are more companies which are listed below can be used  to call India

1) Voipdiscount -India 0.5p to 1p with free calls to USA.

2)Callingcredit-India 1p approx

Sometimes Vonage ,Rebtel gives good joining incentive offer via topcasback site.

Oct 2, 2011
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Cheaper Calls to India Mobiles

At the moment there is  price war between all networks for india.

Pre-paid Sim cards

Dialog Vizz sim – 1/2 pence /minute- itemized billing with full call details available online.

Lycatel sim- 1/2 pence /minute India Mobile /landline – details of number called but duration not available.

Vectone sim – 1/2 pence/minute to India Mobile/landline  USA- 4p /minute - Don’t forget quidco if you are buying this sim.

Lebara - INDIA  1p/minute  but can be 0.7 pence/minute  if top up is done for 20 pounds via website plus for porting they give additional 5 pounds.

Icard sim – stable rates uk any network 6p/minute ,UK landline– 3 p/minute,India- 2p/minute,USA -2p/minute.

Sep 29, 2011
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Vodafone UK – Do they offer customer service


They are leader in communication world but when it comes to customer they are top in the worst customer services.The Vodafone  mobile signal tower is down in my area for more than 3 days and they are not releasing anydetailed  information .When i asked can you divert my mobile calls to other pay as you go sim which i was forced to buy due to your failure they said we can’t do and there is a charge for that.

In response to my complaint they left voice message on  mobille phone instead of  landline  although they knew that i can’t get signal. The customer services are robots trained by vodafone head office and in reality they don’t do any thing .

Why charge on poor customer when the fault is with vodafone .The only sin is that we pay full line rental and they can do whatever they want.Why it is taking long to fix the tower ? The another excuse was it takes to source the replacement parts for the tower .This means that are aware of delays and delivery date  of faulty  vodafone tower part.

Vodafone prefers to avoid UK corporation tax but now they have started avoiding their UK customers too! The vodafone mobile is no longer a mobile sim now.What is the point of calling it a mobile company when they can’t repair the sites on time .They must explain the reason for this fault as it is now more than 3 days .

I would suggest using O2,lyca, vectone instead of this vodafone .When O2 had a fault it was sorted in one day but vodafone is either trying to save money by outsourcing repairs or they just want to shut their sites.

Their repair timings are evident from vodafone website which is anything from days to weeks.Think twice before you join vodafone.

Vodafone UK Signal issues


http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Faults-Board/SITE-34050-IG6-BARKING-ILFORD-SITE-DOWN/m-p/860459#M1217  vodafone site down since 15/9/11

http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Faults-Board/SITE-34947-11228-33294-IG3-ILFORD-GREATER-LONDON-SITE-DOWN/m-p/867965#M1354  site down since27/9/11

Vodafone Answer: We don’t give fault free service and we can’t give you any resolution times.We don’t divert the calls although network is down for more than 3 days.

It is evident from vodafone forums that there is no timescale on resolution for any of the faults known to vodafone mobile network .

Aug 22, 2011
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Cheaper Calls to India from Mobile

Another provider Dialogvizz has launched India Mobile & landline at 0.5pence per minute direct from UK mobile sim.


Aug 13, 2011
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Cheapest Rate to Call India Mobiles

callingcredit- still unbeatable for India Mobiles 1/2 pence /0.5pence to India Mobiles.

Good deal if you have got free uk landline minutes.

Aug 13, 2011
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Direct Sim Call Services to India

Direct Call Services (Mobile Sim) to India

1) LycatelMobile- They do offer free calls (limited minutes) to other Lycamobile users in Europe.

Lycamobile plus tariffs

India -1p

UK landline-3p

Uk mobile-10p

2) Icardmobile

India- 2p

UK landline-2p

UK Mobile-6p


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